Melody’s distinctive sound will take you on a musical journey as you listen to her 5 octave range and sultry vocal blend of Neo-Soul, R&B, Jazz and Gospel genres. Melody’s voice possesses rich warmth that soothes your ears and holds you close as you listen to her unique soprano, alto and contralto ranges. Melody is known and cherished by fans and fellow musicians as a multi-talented recording artist and prolific songwriter. 
Her meaningful relationship with her husband inspired her to write  “Sensational Touch in 2013. In 2014 Melody released her Christmas CD featuring original music! She exudes quiet power and vocally demonstrates strength and confidence in her music. Melody continued her journey of love and wrote another hit song titled “Darling You”.  Melody released  “LOVE ALWAYS” in 2019.
As the pandemic began in 2020, Melody began feeling overwhelmed. She allowed anxiety to settle in and began overwhelming herself even more by watching conflicting news reports about the pandemic.
If that wasn’t enough, Melody was also deeply saddened by the tragic deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. She realized she needed to do something to relieve her angst.   She put pen to paper to capture her emotions and feelings and wrote, JUST BREATHE.
This song offers peace, hope and encouragement to others during these unprecedented times.
JUST BREATHE Single and Video coming soon!

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